Taylor C. Hadden — Game Designer



Flutter is a game about the cycle of life, exploration, and the march of time. If the player doesn't look around his or environment, the world will remain empty and blank. However, if the player explores, the surrounding world will become richer for it.

Flutter was produced in Flash by a team of four people over the course of four weeks. It was the culmination of our first production class at Champlain College, and the first time any of us had produced a finished game in Flash.

I acted as Lead Programmer and a Game Designer for the project.

The opening of spring

The start of summer

A tree grows

The leaves of fall

Playing with the leaves

The closing of winter

  • Flutter was created as the final project for our first production class and represented the first game brought all the way through to a final build.

    My role on the project was in co-designing the mechanics of the game and programing the game itself. Our game, and its multitude of moving parts and costly effects, stretched Flash to the limit.

    In Renssalaer's 2011 Game Fest competition, Flutter won fourth place, competing against projects that were worked on for four months.

  • Taylor Hadden — Lead Programmer, Game Designer

    Zach Bohn — Lead Game Designer

    Marguerite Dibble — Lead Artist

    Joe Dionesio — Music