Taylor C. Hadden — Game Designer


Climbing System

Winter 2011-2012
Project Length: Intermittent over three months
Goal: Create a node-based climbing system
A project inspired by Assassin's Creed's climbing system. This project was a test to see if I could recreate the basic node-based system in a 2D environment.

Not Hogging It

Summer 2011
Project Length: Intermittent over four months
Goal: Recreate the base mechanics of Nidhogg
This game was inspired by my desire to play Messhof's Nidhogg. As the game is aparently never getting a general release, I started this project to play with the game's mechanics.


Global Game Jam 2011
Project Length: 48 hours
Goal: Create a simulation game in two days
Squish was made as part of my first game jam. It was made by three people over 48 hours, and loosely "simulates" the growth of vegitation and the propegation of animaals.

The Duelist

Winter 2010
Project Length: Four months
Goal: Create a two-person swordfighting game
A solo project in Flash and Actionscript 3. The game explores having each character's health and stamina draw from the same resource and mobility within the game space.