Taylor C. Hadden — Game Designer

The Duelist


The Duelist was a long-term solo project that I developed from September to December in 2010 in Flash. The goal of the project was to create a swordfighting game that had elements of swashbuckling style.

Each character has only one resource that acts as both their health and their stamina. Getting hit reduces this resource greatly, but so does wildly waving one's sword. In order to win, a player must bring his opponent's stamina to zero and then kill him while he is down.

The swashbuckling element of the project is tied to the contextual "action" button. With this button, players can roll, climb up on tables, and use objects like tables and crates to leap about the environment.

Play The Game

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The controls can be customized in the game, but the defaults are as follows:

Green Player

Blue Player